Rotary Peace Communities & Friendship Monuments

#1. The City of Manila under the stewardship of its Honorable Mayor Alfredo S. “Fred” Lim, erstwhile member of the Rotary Club of Manila, (who has served as Club Sergeant-at-Arms during Rotary Year 1988-1992; Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms, 1997-1998), which is the first and oldest Rotary Club in Asia.
Manila was officially recognised as a Peace City on 22 June 1994 and was the First Peace City in Asia and only the second in the world. The event was Initiated by Geoffrey Little, Edgie De Asis and Osky Gonzales.
One of his vital program thrusts for the City of Manila is peace and order which the good Mayor has implemented strict enforcement by police visibility and vigilance to curb out commission of crimes and prevent bad elements in disturbing the peace-loving Manilenos.
The good Mayor popularly known as “Dirty Harry” has a strong track record of weeding out all forms of bad elements in the City of Manila, such as the drug lords; prostitution joints; and other form of criminal elements.
The City of Manila’s motto: “Clean and Uplift Manila” is in consonance with the style of leadership by the Honorable Mayor Alfredo S. “Fred” Lim. President Bienvenido E. Laguesma; Executive Secretary Anna Kun Toledo.

#2. Zamboanga City, Philippines, the first Peace City in Mindanao was inaugurated on 9 October 1997 under the guidance of RC Zamboanga, D3850, Philippines. Initiated by Geoffrey Little, Anton Mari Lim & Horace ‘Okee’ Friend.

#3. The City of Makati
PP Maridel Villavicencio; Erwyn Alcomendras
It is a universal aspiration to achieve peace and unity.
With peace prevailing in our families and communities, positive and progressive things can be accomplished in our country and even globally.
Thus the formation of the MAKATI ROTARY PEACE CITY.

The Rotary Club of Makati San Lorenzo during the term of PP Maridel Villavicencio (1998-1999) established the Peace City Project in Makati thru the assistance of PP Geoffrey Little of Australia who was the Ambassador for Promotion of Peace City all over the world.
The Makati Park and Garden is the site where we built the Peace Monument.
February 23, 1999 was a joyful day as Makati was declared a Rotary Peace City.
In conjunction with the program is the awarding of the annual Rotary Peace Award to ardent advocates of peace and unity in our country.
Our very first awardee was President Corazon C. Aquino, followed by President Fidel V. Ramos, Jaime Cardinal Sin, Gen. Angelo Reyes, Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Ms. Gina Lopez, Fr. James Reuter, Ms. Rosa Rosal, Fr. Rocky Evangelista, Sr. Pilar Versoza and Anotnio Meloto.

Since then, our RCMSL’s community service has been brought to a higher level, more meaningful, more involved.
We’ve initiated the formation and declaration of Paranaque and Surigao as Peace Communities in the country.
We are in the stage of also having Antipolo declared as a peace community by June of this year.
The Rotary Peace Program is a most rewarding experience.
It is heartwarming to be able to share and spread the light of peace not only in our country but globally.
It transcends all barriers and boundaries, reaching out, touching and inspiring lives.

Makati Rotary Peace City monument located at Makati Park and Garden, Makati City, Philippines.

Makati Rotary Peace City 1 st Awardee is Former President Corazon Aquino.   Pres. Aquino is instrumental in restoring peace and democracy in the Philippines after 20 years of dictatorship.

Makati Rotary Peace City 7 th Awardee is Rosal Rosal.   Rosal Rosal is the former head of Philippine Red Cross.   She advocates donating blood to save lives.

Makati Rotary Peace City 10 th Awardee is Tony Meloto.   He is the leader of Gawad Kalinga (GK), a lay organization with a vision of a slum free, squatter free Philippines.   Currently they are building houses for the poorest of the poor.

Makati Peace City Awarding ceremony starts with the release of the doves with the the Awardee (Tony Meloto), members of the Rotary Club of Makati San Lorenzo, Club Presidents and District Officers.

#4. Davao City, Philippines was inaugurated on 26 February 1999, sponsored by RC Davao City, D3860 and initiated by Geoffrey Little & Elisa Tay.

#5. The City of Paranaque
Patricia Marjorie I. Lamberte, “Women in Peace and Tourism” made the declaration on behalf of the city on 23 February 2002. As an observance of February as the month of peace, groups were organised to tour rotary projects that alleviate poverty.

Awarding ceremony of Paranaque Peace City. Rotary Club of Paranaque Metro, D3830 sponsored the declaration which was initiated by Maridel B Villavicencio & Patricia “Marge” Lamberte.


#6. Quezon City
Quezon City was declared on 9 December 1999, organised by RC Quezon City D3780 and initiated by Emmy Ortiz.
The Quezon City Partnership for Peace was established August 18, 2006 with the signing of the “Quezon City Declaration of Peace” by the founding partners from both the government and the private sectors, together with the Centre for P.E.A.C.E.

This represents the first leg of Peace-related events and celebrations to be organized by the Centre for P.E.A.C.E. nationwide, in pursuance of of the national-level “Partnership for Peace” agreement it signed with the Department of Interior and Local Government, Department of Education, national Local Government Units organizations, Philippine National Police, the Quezon City government and the Rotary Clubs of Masambong on June 29, 2006.

#7. Cebu City became the seventh city in Philippines to be declared a Rotary peace City on 25 February 2000. The declaration was proposed by RC Metro Cebu and RC Banilad Metro, D3860 and was initiated by Geoffrey Little

#8. Surigao, declared itself a Rotary Peace City on 9 April 2002 and was sponsored by RC Metro Surigao, D3860 and initiated by Edgardo G Vazquez & Geoffrey Little.

#9. Butuan City was declared on 7 February 2004 under the sponsorship of RC Butuan City, D3860 and initiated by Carlito ‘CK” Kwo & Maridel Villavicencio.

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