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Odds and Ends from The Rotarian Magazine contributed by historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler

Let’s Go Fishing for Scrap

An article in a recent issue of “Business Week” described how Paul Whitman, a farmer living near Shawano Lake, Wisconsin, has been contributing to the scrap metal campaign. It seems that “in the good old days” old automobiles were stripped and then disposed, of by a local automobile dealer who drove them onto the ice of Shawano Lake in the winter. When the thaws came, the cars sank. The dealer estimated that he had disposed of 500 cars in this manner. With the urgent call for scrap metal Farmer Whitman strung a cable from a pole to a winch and began hauling the cars out.

Perhaps here is the kernel of another idea for salvaging scrap. Rotary clubs can be of great assistance by investigating the graveyards or dumping grounds for these old automobiles, and recovering them so they may be turned over to the U.S. Government.


R.I. The News Letter, USCNB Supplement, No. 7-2 Oct. 1942







From the January 1927 issue of The Rotarian from Wolfgang Ziegler