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Here you can find RI Presidents, their Themes and Logos.

In the early days, it wasn't common for them to have a theme or logo.
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1980-1981 Rolf J. Klärich
(Helsinki, Finland)
Take Time to Serve
1981-1982 Stanley E. McCaffrey
(Moraga, California, USA)
World Understanding and Peace Through Rotary
1982-1983 Hiroji Mukasa
(Nakatsu, Oita, Japan)
Mankind is One — Build Bridges of Friendship Throughout the World
1983-1984 William E. Skelton
(Blacksburg, Virginia, USA)
Share Rotary — Serve People
1984-1985 Carlos Canseco
(Garza Garcia NL, Mexico)
Discover a New World of Service
1985-1986 Edward F. Cadman
(Wenatchee, Washington, USA)
You are the Key
1986-1987 M. A. T. Caparas
(Manila, Philippines)
Rotary Brings Hope
1987-1988 Charles C. Keller
(California, Pennsylvania, USA)

Rotarians — United in Service- Dedicated to Peace


1988-1989 Royce Abbey
(Melbourne, Vic. Australia)
Put Life into Rotary — Your Life
1989-1990 Hugh M. Archer
(Dearborn, Michigan, USA)
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