1905 Society

The 1905 Society of RGHF – Rotary Global History Fellowship

“He uniformly over-estimated his prospective income and under-estimated his prospective outgo. He was frequently surprised at times to learn on how small an income a man could live and retain his standing as a lawyer in a great city. But he was one of many. One of his associates, Lewis Dalton, a graduate of an Indiana university, had learned much about hard times in Chicago and he gave Paul many valuable pointers; for instance, he introduced him to a place down a half-flight of stairs on Fifth Avenue which Lew had appropriately named ‘Hell’s Half Kitchen.’ Its chief recommendation lay in the fact that it dispensed a ‘stack of wheats’ with syrup for the modest sum of a nickel. It was an excellent place to get breakfast.” Paul P. Harris, 1928 “The Founder of Rotary

In August of 2001, attended a North American presidential conference, in Salt Lake City, Utah USA. Trying to bring awareness of his new idea to Rotary leaders, decided to locate some 1905 Liberty “V” Nickels (the year acknowledged as the founding of The Rotary Club of Chicago) at local Salt Lake City coin shops.
These rare coins to some of the leaders present at that conference. In the next three years, these coins were presented, to leaders in Rotary (below) who showed stewardship in learning and preserving the history and philosophy of Rotary.
RGHF has one tangible connection with the start of the first Rotary club. Paul Harris and his close friends Silvester Schiele and Harry Ruggles most likely carried many of these nickels in 1905.

Matts Ingemansson present the 1905 “nickel” to George C. McKinnis

I thank all of you for so honoring me.

Best regards,

George C. McKinnis

Olaoluwa Olugbodi 2018

Irv Kaplan, 2011

 2014 Sydney RGHF zone 20an board member DG 15/16 Ijeoma Pearl Okoro and RGHF zone 08 board member Tom Shanahan

RIP 13/14 Ron Burton and RIP 02/03 Jon Majiyagbe and four more RGHF members were inducted in 2013.

 Bill Turner and Sue Davis-Hornby, Denver 2012

RI President Sakuji Tanaka, Bangkok 2012

4 May 2012, Bangkok. RGHF Executive Vice President Prakash Saraswat, India

31 Aug 2011 Richards P. Lyon, Napa, California, USA

 1905 Awards at IC11, New Orleans.

Presentation of 1905 Society Awards at the 100th convention, Birmingham, UK 2009 More….

 RIBI President 2000-2001 Norman Proctor with RGHF board member Tim Tucker

 2010 – Our 1905 Society Awards at our 10th anniversary went to five RGHF members

 2008 Awards: Matts Ingemanson, USA; Joe Kagle, USA; RIPN John Kenny, Scotland; and Calum Thomson, Scotland. Story here…

There were three members of RGHF inducted into the “1905 Society” at the 2007 Salt Lake City Convention. PDG Geri Apple, USA; PDG Eddie Blender, USA; and RGHF Senior Historian Basil Lewis, UK. Story here…

 Wilf Wilkinson 2007 RI President Wilf accepted his nomination to the 1905 Society at the 2006 Zones 25/26 Institute. More…..

Donald Murphy, 2007

RGHF Senior Historian Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler On 16 November 2006, RGHF founding member and past chairman Matts Ingemanson traveled to Bavaria, Germany, from his home in New York City, to present the “1905 Society” award to Historian Ziegler, since 2001.

Dick McKay was one of the four founders of the Rotary Global History Fellowship project and served as secretary/treasurer from 2001 to 2004. In 2004 he was named the first emeritus member of the organization, 5 January 2004, as “Founding Secretary Treasurer Emeritus” while continuing to sit on the fellowship board. As the 2003-04 president of Rotary Club of Chicago, he was the first club president to ring Rotary International’s centennial bell on 1 July 2003.

 Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar, of the Rotary Club of Göteborg, Sweden, President of Rotary International in 2005-06. Presentation made by Rotary Global History Fellowship senior historian PDG Dr. Eddie Blender, in Denver, January 2006

 Glenn Estess, Sr. Glenn led Rotary during its centennial year and planned to honor the founders and the history of Rotary. 2004-2005

 Jonathan Majiyagbe The first black president and the first from Africa of Rotary International, from Kano, Nigeria. A strong believer in the value of history.

 Bhichai Rattakul A former delegate to the United Nations from his native country, Thailand, Bhichai was president in 2002-2003.Shown with Rotary Global History Fellowship founding member PDG Eddie Blender

 Rick King Rick encouraged the use of the history fellowship to increase communication among clubs. RI President 2001-2002

Frank Devlyn Frank endorsed the history fellowship and became an advisor of the project in 2003. He called history an “instrumental tool for those forward-thinking people who wish to learn from our history, in order to guide our future.” Frank Devlyn was RI president 1999-2000. Shown with Rotary Global History Fellowship founding member PDG Geri Appel.

 Glen Kinross Glen, the fifth president from Australia and New Zealand was president from 1997-1998

 Luis Giay Luis worked with a history fellowship after his presidency. 1996-1997.

 Cliff Dochterman & Mary Elena Dochterman, Cliff served as RI president from 1992-1993. His book the “ABC’s” of Rotary added greatly to our history. A noted historian, speaker and author.

 Gary Huang Vice President of Rotary in 2000, RIP 2014/15

 Norbert Turco RI treasurer in 2001 and a strong supporter of Rotary Global History Fellowship – Archive.

 Floyd Olson Floyd was RI director for Zones 23-24 from 2001-2003 and supported the project on his zone website

 Lyyn and Norma Hammond RI director Lynn Hammond was a great friend of the history fellowship. He and his wife Norma were the inspiration for our “What Paul Harris Said” feature. He served in zones 25-26 from 2000-2002

 Jerry Meigs Jerry represented zones 27-28, 2001-2003, during the formative years of the history fellowship and was a strong supporter. Shown with Rotary Global History Fellowship founding member PDG Geri Appel

 Don Osburn, Don was a good friend of history from the beginning, serving as director 2000-2002 from zones 31-32. He served as the aide to President Glenn Estess in 2004-2006

 David Michaux David represented zones 34-35 from 2000-2002 and supported the project on his zone website.

 Mike Pinson Mike represented zones 25-26 on the RI board from 2002-2004 and promoted Rotary Global History Fellowship – Archive.Shown with Rotary Global History Fellowship founding member, PDG Eddie Blender

 Robin K. Dillow, Formerly RI Archives Department

Ed Futa Ed, a PDG from Hawaii, became General Secretary of Rotary International in 2000

 Danny Brock 2001-2002 Utah DG, Danny was active in the building of the history fellowship.

 Joaquín Mejía Joaquín, is from Mexico City, The first list of the “First Fifty Clubs” was a type written sheet which he provided. A constant source of support he is a staff member of Rotary International and an Rotary Global History Fellowship director. Shown with Rotary Global History Fellowship founding member PDG Geri Appel.

Garth Stevens While dying of cancer, Garth completed the first 10 histories of his county, New Zealand. He died shortly after the last was published. A true hero, gentle-man and friend. His work will forever be his tribute. He received his “coin” award shortly before he died.

 Marlene Brown Marlene spent many weeks during the formation of this project to give it a look, that mostly remains today. She is a hard working Rotarian known throughout the Rotary world and was named an honorary member of our committee. In 2008 Marlene became the first eClub member to become a district Governor

 Cyndi DeBock Cyndi, (right) former assistant archivist at Rotary International, was invaluable in the formation of this project. Her work and touch is found throughout. She is one of our best friends in Evanston.

 Helen Reisler Helen was the first woman to preside over club #6. And club #6 is RC of New York City and her year was 2001-2002. She was the leader and the glue that bound shocked members and a part of a grieving community after the tragedy of 9/11 when two fully fueled airliners packed with passengers were used as bombs at New York’s World Trade Center.

 Davit Liddiatt President of R.I.B.I in 2001-2002; RID 2009/11, and a contributor to the knowledge of British and Irish history on this project.

On June 30, 2022 Rotarian Fred Otto a member of The Chicago O Hare Rotary Club was inducted into the RGHF Paul Harris Society with the 1905 Liberty Nickel,  our highest recognition award for his Service Above Self of great benefit to our RGHF.

RIPE 2022-2023 Gordon McInally, member of the Rotary Club of South Queensferry, Lothian, Scotland.

Presentation was made  in Sweden June 21 2023, on a boat trip in Stockholm archipelago, by Kent Vesterberg, RC Stockholms-Västa, board member of RGHF