Geoffrey Bernard William Little


RGHF member Geoffrey Bernard William Little, JP, PHF, KCR (Phils), is better known around the world as “The Smiling Policeman” a term which did not in the early days, endear him to the local Australian constabulary which adhered to the convention that law enforcement officers were not meant to be “joyful fellows”.

There are many references to G.B.W. Little, many web sites detailing his achievements, many stories, too many to relate here. After much research, we obtained consent from “The Ambassadors” to copy an article from one their correspondents first penned in 1999.
The followings details and information relating to this remarkable Rotarian are just a small part of the world-wide reputation and dedication of one of Rotary Global History Fellowship’s heroes.

“The 51 years-old Australian Ambassadorial Chairman of the Rotary Peace City Project, Geoffrey B.W. Little has benefited from his 33-years community-based policing. Little was formally appointed to the prestigious position of Ambassador of Goodwill for the UN’s declared “International year of the child” in 1979. The Ambassadors Magazine present the profile of the man commonly known as the “Smiling Policeman,” Sergent Geoffrey B.W. Little.

In his 33 years long police career, he has been engaged in most phases of Police duty including – General Duties, Divisional Cyclist and Traffic Branch, Community Based Policing, School Lecturing, Prosecuting Branch (like the District Attorney) and a number of other Specialist Units within the New South Wales Police Service. Within Harbourside Local Area Command (North Sydney), in addition to General Duty Supervision Duties, he currently supervises the Community Safety Officer, Schools and Youth Liaison Officer (including Student Work Experience programs) and Domestic Violence. He is also responsible for all specialist programs and events which pertain to the Harbourside Local Area Command including `Police Open Days’, local gala occasions and Promotions and Marketing. Sergeant Little also has expertise in `Local Emergency Management’ and `Operational Command’. As a Captain (Officer of Cadets-OOC) in the Australian (Army) Cadet Corps attached to North Sydney Boys’ High School and Eastern Command Military District Headquarters, Paddington, Captain Little further developed the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme to afford greater access for Cadets to the Bronze, Silver and Gold levels of achievement.

He currently occupies the rank of `Incremental’ Sergeant (three chevrons and a crown) and is an Honorary Deputy Sheriff-Lieutenant in Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Department, Wisconsin, U.S.A., Honorary Sergeant, Northern Constabulary, Inverness, Scotland, and an Honorary Lieutenant Colonel (Superintendent) in the Philippine National Police,- attached to the Office of the Presidential Consultant on Police Affairs, Presidential Security Group, Malacanang Palace, Manila, Philippines.

“The Smiling Policeman”

Geoffrey Little is a longstanding member of the Australian Section of the International Police Association (IPA*) and founding International Chairman and CEO of the Police/Law Enforcement Professionals Fellowship of Rotarians (Polepfor). Little is an associate Member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). The “Smiling Policeman” is a member of RC Wollstonecraft District 9680, Special Ambassador and Dean of the Ambassadorial Chair – Rotary Peace City Project, as well being an Honorary Member in: RC Wagga Wagga -Kooringal, D9700, RC Makati – Edsa, Manila, Philippines D3830, and RC Zamboanga City, Philippines, D3850. Over the years he has developed a number of schools related programs e.g., Schools Work Experience and the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Rotary Peace Cities

As a Special Ambassador and Dean of the Ambassadorial Chair of the `Rotary Peace City Project ‘ Wagga Wagga, New South Wales, “The Smiling Policeman” promotes and facilitates the establishment of his Rotary based and vocationally driven programs which include establishing Rotary Peace Cities/Towns and Municipalities around the world, along with accompanying programs (Peace Conferences, Conflict Resolution Programs etc.). Los Angeles was declared the eleventh `Rotary Peace City’ and conducted the first `Rotary Peace City Conference’ June 1998.

“The Smiling Policeman” currently serves in the New South Wales Division of the United Nations Association as an Executive Member and is Convener/Organizer of Sydney’s Annual United Nations Day Wreath Laying Ceremony conducted each October 24 in recognition of the valiant service performed by members of the United Nations Civilian Police (UNCIVPOL) Association of Australasia, and members of the Armed Services of Australia who are currently serving, or who have served, on past peacekeeping duties around the world.

In 1979 The Smiling Policeman was appointed the United Nations Association “Ambassador of Goodwill” for the International Year of the Child, and over a three month period directed traffic in Kathmandu, Delhi and Agra outside the Taj Mahal, and met Delhi’s Dancing Policeman; to Jerusalem (where the drivers totally ignored him) also organising and participating in fundraising marathons for “child oriented programmes”.
Geoffrey travelled overland from Kathmandu to London via Afghanistan, Turkey and Israel, where through the Rotary Club of Netanya – (initiated and followed up upon over the next three years), as the only person in recorded history, jogged thirty seven kilometres (at one thousand metres in elevation), from the lowest point on earth – Jericho on the Dead Sea – to the Wailing Wall of the “most Holy City of Jerusalem”.

To crown this epic undertaking, Geoffrey, then assisted with a lift from London to Brighton by Australian Entertainer Rolf Harris, jogged eighty kilometres from Brighton to London as part of a children’s fundraiser in collaboration with the London Fire Brigade.

The “Smiling Policeman” with Dr. Keith Sutter the President of the United Nations Association, New South Wales Division in Sydney, Rotarian (Rotary Club of Sydney).




“Just Say NO to Drugs and Polio!”

The “Smiling Policeman” has been strongly involved in drug awareness campaigns in Cebu in the Philippines (`Just Say No to Drugs’) under the Chairmanship of Rotarian Oscar C. Mabilog of the Rotary Club of Metro Cebu. Rotarian Oscar Mabilog is an Honorary Mayor of Cebu City and Chairman of COSAP (Cebu City Office of Substance Abuse Prevention). Geoffrey has also allied himself with a Project called `Polio Past’ (inspired by President Niels Colov of the Rotary Club of Jomtien-Pattaya, Thailand) which assists polio sufferers to live a better life and provides educational scholarships. Sergeant Geoffrey Little has been honoured as a Knight Commander in the Order of the Knights of Rizal (KCOR) within the Philippines. He is a member of the Sydney Chapter. The Order of the Knights of Rizal is a Civic and Patriotic honour and an Act of the Philippine Congress, raised in recognition of the national hero – Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal.

At a Gala evening hosted by the Rotary Club of Makati-Edsa in the Philippines, Chairman Geoffrey was honoured by his PNP colleagues and Rotarians in the spirit of Rotary Vocational Excellence by receiving an honorary appointment to the Philippine National Police (PNP). To the right, Lt. Colonel Little is receiving the honorary shield from Major General Ramond Montano with President Manny Lim, Charter President Dr.`Resty’ Cornejo, and Rotarian Major General `Billy’ Villareal.



The Smiling Cop and Traffic Control

Sergeant Geoffrey Little of COPS* has controlled traffic all around the world, promoting better relations between Police and the community. * Computerised Operational Policing System – the Police Service Unit where Sergeant Little participated in and performed duties during the introduction of computerisation to the New South Wales Police Service. – Article published in the Police Service Weekly

He has visited many cities in the world promoting the Fellowship and Rotary’s `Peace City’ Project of Wagga Wagga. To encourage press coverage, Sergeant Little goes on traffic control duty with local Police. He has controlled traffic in London, Delhi, Agra, Jerusalem, Manila, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Belfast and Moscow. In Moscow, he promoted a project for `Russia’s Forgotten Children’ (Rotary Club of Hurstville – Australia), which helps young people through donations of clothing, toys, medical supplies and vocational training. In Belfast, he assisted with a project titled ‘Towards a Better Understanding’ (TABU), which is being promoted by the Rotary Club of Belfast.

“The Smiling Policeman” Sergeant Geoffrey Little directing traffic in Red Square, Moscow/font>

The Smiling Policeman in the USA

The Smiling Policeman doing his ‘thing’ at the Monument Roundabout, City of Indianapolis,
Indiana, USA. June 1998.

Sergent Little is interested, as part of his traditional program around the world, to engage in a traffic control exercise in the host city or town being visited. Friends from the Indianapolis Police Department and Lieutenant Tim Hortey did a great job in marshalling television and media coverage backed up by a contingent of uniformed Police from the Traffic Branch and Bicycle Unit. The Monument is the centerpiece of the City of Indianapolis standing 95 meters high and is a memorial to those who have served in America’s Armed forces since Indiana became a State back in 1816.


Pictured with Deputy Mayor the Hon John R. Hall and Lieutenant Timothy J Halligan, North District, Indianapolis Police Department, on the occasion of being presented the “Key to the City’ and made an Honorary Citizen of the City of Indianapolis.

My second host for my stay in Indianapolis was Lieutenant Timothy J. Halligan and his dear family. Tim is Administrative Assistant to North District and through whose `good officers’ I was able to see Policing in Indianapolis from the `ground up’.

I accompanied my new friend on a number of errands and a friendly lunch, later going on a memorable visit to the Indianapolis 500 Museum. We visited the Indianapolis Police Training Academy where I met Academy Commander Major John Bent.

Left to right. Sergeant Pete Mungovan of the chief’s Office, Detective Gregg Arkins, Police Chief Michael Zunk and Lieutenant Tim Horty of Media Relations, Indianapolis Police Dept – on the occasion of the appointment of Geoffrey Little as an Honorary Deputy Chief of the Indianapolis Police Department.

Note – Geoffrey is a financial member of Rotary Global History Fellowship and has facilitated in establishing RGHF Headquarters for the 2012 Bangkok World Rotary Convention.
He is Past President and Member of the Rotary Club of North Sydney Sunrise D9680

His latest international initiative on behalf of his friends and associates in the Law Enforcement profession is a collaboration between Polepfor and “Philippine Rotary Watch”, a program, initiated in 1999 by the Rotary Club of Makati Forbes Park D3830, under the Chairmanship of Rotarian Albert Garcia, in concert with the Makati Police Department, and latterly the Philippine National Police (PNP). Geoffrey says enthusiastically; “Rotary Watch is a world beating Community Based Policing initiative which is unprecedented, and like never before, represents a potential template International Programme designed and initiated out of the Philippines to encourage and foster cooperation between the Rotarians of the Philippines and the communities they serve, with the enthusiastic support and involvement of the Philippine National Police (PNP).

After forty years, Past President Geoffrey (RC’s East Sydney D9750 and RC North Sydney Sunrise D9680) retired from the New South Wales Police in 2001, and recognising you can’t keep a good man down, served in all facets of the Private Security Industry, complementing his former very active Police career as a Master Licence holder, Security Risk Management Consultant and Workplace Trainer and Assessor – and in PP Geoffrey’s third career move, he currently serves as a full time casual Officer within the Court Security Unit (CSU) of the Department of Corrective Services.