Basil Lewis

Senior Historian, RGHF History Researcher RGHF AMBASSADOR, Basil Lewis: Education Adviser (retired and currently working for BBC Radio); RC of Humberside D1270; District PRO 1993-1998, RIBI Communications Committee 1996-7. Sometime columnist RIBI magazine ‘Rotary’; International Genealogy and Heraldry Fellowship of Rotarians (IGHFR) RIBI Branch Secretary and Newsletter Editor 1995-2001, International President IGHFR 2002 – 2005. 2007. Elected a Life Member in 2009.

Author of ‘Paul Harris in Britain’ available at a now discounted price 10 dollars for US. 5 pounds for UK and equivalent elsewhere.

Basil has been a contributor to the Rotary Global History Project since 2002. Lewis became a contributor to this archive in 2005.