Host clubs of Conventions

Until the Houston Convention in 1914, Rotary had celebrated all conventions in August. After the convention in Buffalo, 18-21 August 1913, the dates of the Houston Convention were changed to 22-26 June, 1914. Subsequently, the conventions of San Francisco, 1915 and Cincinnati, 1916 were celebrated in July.

At this point, Rotary established a tradition, programming the convention for a date near the end of the Rotary year, in May or June.

Although the present practice to identify the salient president of Rotary International with the convention that is celebrated at the end of his or her year of office, does not necessarily apply to the conventions celebrated during the term of office of Frank L. Mulholland, 1914-15.
He was chosen by the delegates of the Houston conventions, and he participated in the convention of San Francisco, 18-23 July 1915. Russell Greiner, 1913-14 and Arch Klumph, 1916-17, celebrated two conventions during their terms in office; they shared these conventions with their predecessors and successors.

Trivia: The smallest convention was the first, 1910, with 60 attendees.

The largest registration number, to date, was 43,381 at the 2004 convention in Osaka, Japan Find anything RGHF has posted at