Rotary Global History “Quiz”

The Questions can all be found throughout this site. Or right at the bottom of this page. If you get all twelve correct call yourself a “Paul Harris Historian.” 8-11 and you’re still a highly knowledgeable Rotarian. 4-7 and you know a lot about Rotary and its history. 1-3 and you’ve begun to show great interest in Rotary. “0” shows wonderful opportunity for enjoying this website.

  1. This Rotary president first was a newspaper Reporter in Denver. Who was…?
    1. Frank J. Devlyn?
    2. Wilfrid J. Wilkinson?
    3. Glenn E. Estess, Sr.?
    4. Paul P. Harris?
  2. 23 February 1905. What was….?
    1. The Charter Night Dinner for Rotary Club of Chicago?
    2. Paul Harris’ Birthday?
    3. The night four men decided to start an organization in Chicago?
    4. The First Regular meeting of Rotary Club of Chicago?
  3. A 1900 Walk after dinner by Paul Harris. What was…?
    1. The Day Paul Harris’ Grandfather died?
    2. The inspiration for Rotary?
    3. Paul’s cure for irregularity?
    4. A desperate attempt to find legal work?
  4. Cowboy, Desk Clerk, Marble Salesman, Actor, Merchant Seaman, Fruit Picker. What were…?
    1. The fifth through the tenth members of the first Rotary Club?
    2. Classifications not included until after the convention of 1922?
    3. Paul Harris’ jobs between 1891 and 1896?
    4. Occupations not thought to be good material for Rotary membership?
  5. This early Rotarian was secretary of Rotary International for 32 years. Who was…?
    1. Paul Harris?
    2. Chesley R. Perry?
    3. Arch Klumph?
    4. Herb Taylor?
  6. This famous Rotarian was expelled from a university. Who was….?
    1. Paul Harris?
    2. Chesley Perry?
    3. Arch Klumph?
    4. Herb Taylor?
  7. The First Club, in a community of less than 100,000 population. What is…?
    1. Chicago?
    2. Dallas?
    3. San Antonio?
    4. Pueblo?
  8. $26.50 from Rotary Club of Kansas City in 1917. What started the…?
    1. World War I relief fund
    2. Rotary staff retirement program
    3. First District conference budget
    4. The Rotary Foundation
  9. The First President of “Rotary.” Who was…?
    1. Chesley Perry?
    2. Paul Harris?
    3. Harry Ruggles?
    4. Sylvester Schiele?
  10. Give service to your customers and you’ll make more money. What was the…?
    1. Four Way Test?
    2. The “Business Sharing” in early Rotary Clubs?
    3. “Fred” Sheldon’s business philosophy?
    4. A violation of the “Rotary Code of Ethics?”
  11. Arch Klumph. Who was a…?
    1. Manufacturer who donated shoes to victims of polio?
    2. (the) First District Governor from the original district?
    3. (is) a present RI Director?
    4. Past RI President from Cleveland, credited with starting the Rotary Foundation
  12. Ann Brunier and Ann Gundaker. Who were the first…?
    1. Women members of Rotary International?
    2. Women Presidents of Rotary Clubs?
    3. Rotaryanns?
    4. Woman District Governors?
  13. Bonus Questions:

What was the world’s first non English speaking Rotary Club? The Answer is at Minneapolis #9

#1- 4,  #2- 3,  #3- 2,  #4- 3,  #5- 2,  #6- 1,  #7- 4,  #8- 4,  #9- 4  ,#10- 3,  #11- 4, #12- 3