Hans Peter Thorand

A Brief Introduction
Hans-Peter Thorand was born in Plauen, Germany, on 1 December 1944. In 1945 his family moved to Munich where he later completed high school and attended Trade School.

In 1960, his family migrated to Canada where he continued his education at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, stopping just short of an engineering degree. In 1962 he was granted Canadian citizenship.

He then moved to Vancouver Island working as a mechanic; then back to Vancouver working for a mining equipment manufacturer where he worked his way up to a Chief Mechanic, traveling throughout northern Canada; then on to Saudi Arabia with Aramco working in the oil industry as the Field Superintendent for the Dhahran area; then to Petromer Trend in Irian Jaya, Indonesia; finally to Santa Fe Energy as their maintenance Advisor until retirement in 1999.

After all these years he then finally took roots in Thailand in 1978. He married Wandee Silipamongkhol and in 1988 welcomed their daughter, Pornsawan.

His daughter is a graduate in the English program from the Burapha University, Bang Sean, Thailand in 2009 with a BA in Hotel Management and a MBA in Business Administration and in 2011 .

His first introduction to Rotary was around 1994 when he joined the RC Jomtien-Pattaya in Thailand.
He later moved and chartered the 3rd Rotary Club in Pattaya, the RC of Taksin Pattaya, where he remains a member.
During his time with this club he implemented over 400 projects which ranged from small to large and covered every area in Thailand from the south to the north and from east to west.

In 2007 he became the Vice President of The Navy League Siam Council Thailand and in the following year was voted in as President of the Siam Council, the position which he holds to this day.

In 2009 Thorand moved from RC Taksin-Pattaya to RC of Chantanimit and continued helping the poor and disadvantaged in Thailand.

Peter’s Family owns the Apartment Hotel in Pattaya where all Rotarian’s will be warmly welcomed and receive a special discount.

A Brief Citation with list of Awards (see photos attached)

Member of the Thailand chapter of the United State Navy League since 1995 – an NGO created to provide shore entertainment for the crew of visiting US Navy vessels and to simultaneously coordinate community service activities with the crew.
Paul Harris Fellow – 1997
Meritorious Service Award from the Department of Navy (US) – 2000 -presented by Admiral Fargo, Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
Charter President RC Taksin Pattaya – 2001
“United Charities of the Eastern Seaboard” – 2001 – Thorand conceptualised and inaugurated this joint task force involving the YWCA, various Rotary Clubs, Rayong Ladies Circle, Pattaya Sports Club, various Lions Clubs and the Pattaya International Ladies Club (PILC). The objective was to prevent duplication of effort and resources in undertaking charitable projects in the region.
“Four Avenues of Service” Awards – 2002
Rotary District Service Awards – 2002
Assistant District 3340 Governor 2003/04, 2005-2006
Rotary International Award ” Service above Self “- 2003-2004
Honorary Member of the RC Chantanimit, Thailand
Member of the Rotary Global History Fellowship
Meritorious Public Service Award – 2007 – presented by Pattaya City Mayor
Thailand representative of the U.S. Navy’s “Project Handclasp Foundation Inc.” – a program designed to help those less fortunate people in areas of educational materials, household items and personal hygiene products.
President of the Navy League of the United States, Eastern Seaboard, Thailand – 2008-09
Citation from the Royal Thai Marine Corps – (see photos)
On Thursday, July 29, P.P. Peter Thorand, was requested to report to the Royal Thai Marine Headquarters. On arrival Peter was welcomed by two Royal Thai Marines Division Commanders who informed him that he had been chosen to receive the Gold Wings (Naval Parachutist Badge) of the Royal Thai Navy for the many Community Relations projects he has done over the past 13 years. The Citation was presented to him by the Commandant of the Royal Thai Marine Corps, VADM SUWIT THARAROOP. Peter is the only foreigner to ever receive this citation. The RC Chantanimit congratulates Peter on receiving this citation and on the charitable work he has done throughout Thailand.
United States Navy League – 2008 Outstanding Councils Awards included the Thailand chapter, presided by Peter Thorand;
United States Navy league – 2008 Recruiting Awards for the most number of new recruitments included President Thorand;
“The Sahathayanavee Award” presented by the Commander in Chief, Admiral Khamthorn Pumhiran of the Royal Thai Navy at the Chom Cholatthee Room, The Royal Thai Navy Convention Hall. Thorand was she only civilian foreigner amongst the many Admirals etc, who where given this award. The Sahathayanavee Award is presented in appreciation of support to the Royal Thai Navy and service to the public. (see photo)
The United States Navy League “Distinguished Service Award”, presented by John E. Sides, President, Greater Pacific Area and Korea Council, during his visit to Pattaya, 29 October 2009. (see photo)
Citation from D3340 District Governor Khun Siri, for work in the Environment Field (see photo)

His Accomplishments
Thorand’s recognition stems from his extraordinary accomplishments in the area of Community Service covering almost every conceivable region of Thailand and tirelessly over a period of nearly 15 years.

Thorand’s main modus operandi is to work in conjunction with the US Navy on what they call their “COMREL” (community relations) activities, identifying needy peoples and regions, creating appropriate projects designed to improve their sustainable life style and finally, to coordinate, manage and supervise the execution of the project through to it’s finality.

Having decided what is an appropriate project that fits the criteria of the COMREL, Thorand collects the sailors from their ship, takes them to the project location, supervises the work and takes them back.
But invariably, lunch or dinner, refreshments and local entertainment, football games, social visits and a wide range of other activities created to add enjoyment to the tasks at hand. Then there’s local press, photography, report writing and back to his “drawing board” for the next one…..

Thorand assured us that largely, he works alone. When pressed for more details, he quickly produced a list of his “most loyal supporters” who are almost always there to help out –
From RC Chantanimit – PP Suvan, PP and ADG Kosol and PP Jedsada who are always “there when I call”;
From RC Jomtien Pattaya – PP Dennis Stark, PDG Prembrecha;
From RC Korat – incoming DG Khun Siri;
From RC Taksin Pattaya – the great supporters have been – Charter Member Ernst Duenebier (Passed away 2006), Charter Member Erwin Rohner, President 2007-08 PP John Botting, and not to forget Andy Wenger; “Andy is not a Rotarian with a Club, but in his heart he is a better Rotarian then most people; he supports me whenever I call on him whether it be for his time, money or what ever I need, he never says no.”

The space available on our web site is inadequate to include full details, photos and communications regarding all of his 560 projects (as at March 2009, but increasing at the rate of over 10 per month).

In the following chapters and paragraphs, we will attempt to portray the more significant projects and his involvement with all aspects of public life in and around South East Asia, all in the name of his three Rotary Clubs.

It is also worth noting from the “Navy News”, that Thailand, represented by Thorand, heads the list of “Community Affiliates” recruited; above all other branches in the United States.

Joint Ventures and Projects
Via his “United Charities of the Eastern Seaboard”, Thorand often joint ventured with those NGOs listed above, and on more than one occasion, with the Royal Thai Army Medical Department. His joint venturing was not restricted to the US Navy.

Some of the Rotary Clubs involved in these and other joint ventures included –

RC Golden Colorado, USA
RC Boulder, Colorado, USA
RC Capalaba, D9630, Qld, Australia (also organised Sister Club Agreement)
RC Central Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia (Project Tsunami)
RC Siracha
RC Ban Chang
RC Sisasket
RC Korat
RC Nong Kai
RC Srisuket
RC Yasothorn
RC Banchang
RC Chantaboon
RC Chantaburi
RC Chantanamit
RC Muang Klung
RC Ploywan Tamai
RC Soldao
RC Tamai
RC Changmai West
RC Fang
RC Pranarai Lopburi

Major Beneficiaries of the Projects (a condensed list)
In Thailand –
Baan Khao Yai School, Chonburi Province
Banglamung Hospital, Pattaya
Banglamung Boys Home, Pattaya
Bannock Primary School, Chonburi
Burapa English-Programme School of Thailand
Camillian Social Center – Relief center for HIV-AIDS people
Chiangkhan School, Loei
Chiangklomwittaya School, Loei
Chanthaburi Flood Victims
Charkkaow Public Health
Chonburi School for the Deaf, Bao Sean
Chonburi Youth Observation and Protection Camp
Chuck Samet School, Sattahip
Drug Rehabilitation Center, Pattaya
Habitat of Humanity
Jesuit Refugee Service Asia Pacific – Burma project
Krabi School
Loei Province Public Health Clinic
Muang Pattaya #1 School
Nong Toei Welfare Center, Bangkok
Polytechnic Chantaburi School
Redemptorist School for the Blind
Redemptorist Street Kids Home, Banglamung
Royal Patronage Occupational Training Centre
Sityodthong Muay Thai Training Camp
Thailand Mission Home for Children, Korat
All schools in Loei District
Victims of Land Mines Association
Wat Choeng Khao School
Thatpittayakom School, Loei
U.S. Navy and Australian Navy
In preparing this history, Thorand instructed us to give due recognition to the officers and crew of the following ships.
These are the major players in all his projects, and without whom, the projects would not have been a success.

Upon completion of each visit by a US Navy ship, reports are published in local newspapers, ship newsletters and occasionally, to senior navy personnel.
A very small selection of these have been repeated here.

From the hundreds of documents, photos, letters and reports provided to us, we will endeavour to list all those mentioned.

Destroyer Squadron 31
Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 262
Marine Prepositioning Ships Squadron Three – Cdr. F.S. Bertsch III
USS Abraham Lincoln (CVN 72)
USS Antietam
USS Belleau-Wood
USS Blue Ridge LCC 19
USS Carl Vinson CVN 70
USS Chancellorsville
USS Chosin CG65
USS City of Corpus Christi SSN 703
USS Comstock LSD 45
USS Decatur DDG 73
USS Dubuque LPD 8
USS Essex LHD2
USS Fort McHenry
USS Frederick LST 1184
USS Gary FFG 51
USS George Pallep FFG 12
USS Germantown
USS Harpers Ferry LSD 49
USS Honolulu SSN 718
USS Houston (from “Hunt for Red October” fame)
USS John S McCain
USS John C Stennis
USS Juneau LPD 10
USS Kidd DDG 100
USS Kitty Hawk CV 63
USS Lake Erie CG70
USNS Major W Pless – Cpn Joseph F Scuza
USS Mobile
USS Mount Vernon
USS O’Brien DD 978 – Cdr. Eric J Lindenbaum
USS Patriot – Cpn. Allen Abrahamson
USS Port Royal
USS Preble DDG 88
USS Reuben James
USS Russel DDG 59
USS Safeguard
USS San Jose
USS Sides
USS Shiloh CG 67
USS Stennis
USS Stethem
USS Tortuga – Cpn. Mark Webber
USS Vincennes CG 49
Australian Navy
HMAS Darwin
HMAS Parramatta FFH 154
HMS Ballarat FFH 155

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