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RGHF Ambassador Emeritus, Chairman 2004-2006, Rotary Global History – DG 13/14 Matts O. Ingemanson: Inventor, Rotary Club of Yonkers, (past member Rotary Club of New York City #6), NYC, USA, D7230 Newsletter Editor (2001-2002 and 2003 -) Joined the project in the early months of 2001. RGHF Ambassador and Sr. Vice President since March 2003. Chairman of Rotary Global History 2004-2006 and a member of the RGHF Committee. Also, founding member



1. Foster the creation of web pages and encourage their use.
2. Encourage Rotarians to explore Rotary’s past, as a tool to better understand its present and its future;
3. Provide valid Rotary information to Rotarians and the community at large.

Wallingford Vermont, Childhood Home of Paul Harris
Public Presentations
Four Way Test Examples
Paul Harris Signature
Paul Harris’ office
Comment on 1933 Harris radio talk
Eye Witness to USA 9-11
Complete section on September 11, 2001
Photos for “My Road to Rotary”
Rotary “UN Day” 2003
Rotary “UN Day” 2002

Speech to Rotary District 5150 (San Francisco #2) April 2007

When Torsten Ingemanson, President of the Rotary Club of Huddinge 1959-60 in Sweden, wanted to take a bath during the winter, he simply cut a hole in the ice and jumped in. One could say that he was one cool Rotarian Polar Bear. (Father of RGHF Founding Member Matts Ingemanson)