Kari Tallberg

RGHF Board Zone 15: PDG Dr. Kari Henrik Tallberg, Helsinki, Finland Rotarian since 1976, Club president in Helsinki Nort-West RC 1996-97,
District Governor in D-1420 (Southern Finland and Estonia) 2002-2003 Rep. to Council on Legislation 2007 for D-1420.
Chairman Rotary Foundation Committee D-1420 since 2003 term expires 2007.
Chairman of the multidistrict organisation Rotary Finland 2003-2004 and 2004-2005. Permanent secretary of Rotary Finland 2005, term expires 2008. Multiple PHF, Benefactor Spouse: Tuulikki, PHF Two grown sons.

Education: M.Sc. (Economics) from the Swedish University of Economics in Helsinki, Finland
Specialty: Marketing and Macro Economics and Economic History PhD. from Washington International University, Pennsylvania, Dpt. of International Studies and Diplomacy Specialty Russian Economic history and economic policy. Worked mostly in international business and Finnish export industry. Several board memberships in companies in Europe, the US, and Canada.