Memorabilia other organizations

Memorabilia other organizations

Ches Perry, Paul Harris, Rotary, and other
owned by Dr. Wolfgang Ziegler, Bavaria

Odd Fellows
Roman times or 1748

Loyal Order of Moose 1888

Lions Clubs 1917


Toastmasters International 1924

Kiwanis International 1915

The American Legion 1919

Civitan International 1917

Comb Emblems, an ad in the February 1915 issue of The Rotarian

National Honor Society

Honorable Discharge lapel pin for service in the U.S. military (lovingly referred to as the “ruptured duck,”)inspired by the name painted on Ted W. Lawson’s B-24 from the Doolittle Raid on Tokyo in WWII

All Military Service branches are applicable:
Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, Navy


The origin of these pins is not known. If you have any information, please “send a message” Thank you very much